This blog was created to provide information to help Illinois Medicaid Recipients receive coverage for prescription medications.

On June 14, 2012, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn signed into law Senate bill 2840, which became Public Act 97-0689, also known as the “Save Medicaid Access & Resources Together” or (SMART) Act. This act was passed as a way to curve the massive $2.7 billion Medicaid budget deficit. The problem is that the act is anything but Smart. One of the ways the State is trying to save money is by implementing a Drug Prior Approval System under the guise of supposed “utilization controls” to prevent wasteful and unnecessary spending. The reality though, is that this little Drug Prior Approval System is nothing more than a way for the State to deny people access to prescription medications.

What the State of Illinois doesn’t want you to know is that if your doctor writes a letter with specific language that I discuss in this blog, the state CANNOT deny your Drug Prior Approval request. 

I’ve included examples of this language on the blog page called Important Legal Citations.

My purpose in creating this website is to help other Medicaid recipient like myself get the medications they need.

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